Apprentice Diaries Part 2.


Apprentice Diaries Part 2.



I can’t believe I’m already entering my second month as Economit’s Apprentice. I’ve been getting to know the team a lot better and feeling a lot more comfortable around everybody in the office. I thought starting a new job and environment would be quite nerve racking but, in actual fact I have thoroughly enjoyed every single part of it so far.

Being a part of the Economit team has its benefits… Like the daily trips to Morrison’s for lunch. We have a dedicated ‘team basket’ and ‘team bag’ which, as I’ve found out, you have to be a part of. Learning how to make posh coffee (with our fancy machine) and how to drink a lot of tea.

The Managing Directors, Nick and Mike aren’t in the office a great amount as they are normally on site with clients somewhere, whether it be in London or around the corner. When they are in the office, I get all the support I need.

I have learnt a lot in the past four weeks. I have been given tasks like visiting Smiths of Derby and having a wander round, getting to grips with the CRM system and other software that we use, making and taking telephone calls, writing and replying to emails and even looking for a local window cleaner.

Next week is when the college work begins, I have already chosen all of my units ready to knuckle down and complete over the next year. After becoming a part of Economit, I’m very confident that I will strive for success.