Apprentice Diaries Part 2.



I can’t believe I’m already entering my second month as Economit’s Apprentice. I’ve been getting to know the team a lot better and feeling a lot more comfortable around everybody in the office. I thought starting a new job and environment would be quite nerve racking but, in actual fact I have thoroughly enjoyed every single part of it so far.

Being a part of the Economit team has its benefits… Like the daily trips to Morrison’s for lunch. We have a dedicated ‘team basket’ and ‘team bag’ which, as I’ve found out, you have to be a part of. Learning how to make posh coffee (with our fancy machine) and how to drink a lot of tea.

The Managing Directors, Nick and Mike aren’t in the office a great amount as they are normally on site with clients somewhere, whether it be in London or around the corner. When they are in the office, I get all the support I need.

I have learnt a lot in the past four weeks. I have been given tasks like visiting Smiths of Derby and having a wander round, getting to grips with the CRM system and other software that we use, making and taking telephone calls, writing and replying to emails and even looking for a local window cleaner.

Next week is when the college work begins, I have already chosen all of my units ready to knuckle down and complete over the next year. After becoming a part of Economit, I’m very confident that I will strive for success.

Alex’s Apprenticeship Diaries


Through the recruiting and interviewing process, to finding out I’d been successful in securing the position of Apprentice Administrator, and being welcomed into Economit, the journey has been a unique experience. I have been given a fantastic opportunity to work closely with the Office Manager, Charlotte, and shadow her during my first week.

Having previously worked as a Waitress in a busy restaurant and also in a Veterinary Practice, I’d like to think that I have transferable experience in various areas. These include, customer service skills, booking appointments, understanding different software, answering telephone calls in a polite and efficient manner and dealing with customer concerns and complaints professionally.

My role as Business Administrator, gained through an apprenticeship scheme, means I get to learn on the job whilst getting hands on experience.  I think apprenticeships are a brilliant training opportunity to be a part of.

I know the basics of technology, like most young people, but getting to know Economit as a business and understanding what they do is an exciting challenge. As a new starter I‘m learning a completely new language and will be looking at things with a whole new perspective.

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