The last couple of months have been an extremely busy time for Economit in terms of onboarding new clients, obtaining accreditations and delivering a premium service to existing clients.

A really profound aspect of this past couple of months is the new data protection regulation (GDPR). I’ve recently become the Virtual DPO to 3 new, exciting clients, one of whom is a national spa brand, another a financial services company and a company which provides business process outsourcing services.

I am also proud to announce that I have become Virtual IT Director for the DIPT Group, also known as Protrade online. It’s an E-commerce providing products for the professional trade, DIPT is anticipating substantial growth over the next three years and will be utilising technology in their plan to achieve this.  

Economit is always working towards gaining further accreditations and increasing service provision so that we can ensure that our clients are receiving the most consistent, informed and impartial advice possible. Economit has recently transitioned from being ISO9001:2008 accredited, to achieving ISO 9001:2015 which reassures our clients that we are committed to ensuring maximum quality throughout our service delivery practices.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am fascinated by the future and more specifically, the future of travel. That’s why it may not be a surprise to some people that I’ve just become an investor and Chief Information Security Officer for VRCO – a company at the forefront of e-VTOL by working on the design and execution of the world’s finest battery powered personal aircraft. The opportunity to work with Dan Hayes and Mike Smith arose and could not be passed up. Economit is extremely proud to be supporting this ground-breaking landmark technology. Find out more about the way we predict the world will be travelling in the future here:  

We are also looking to kick off the summer with a new consultant appointment and would love to hear from you if you’re interested in any of my services which you can find out more about here: Contact us via or call on 01332 447 447.

Mike Donoghue Economit

Economit’s extremely busy Joint Managing Director Mike, finds time to coach the GB Wushu Team to 8 medals in the European Championships.

London Skyline

Further to a number of recent articles, we can confirm that Economit are actively pursuing a base in London and hope to be established there by mid 2016. We have seen a gap in the London market for the services that Economit provide and are dedicated to bringing our expertise to this vast, untapped market.

With the move to new, larger premises, last year saw a period of exciting growth for Economit. Over the next few weeks, with the addition of an Associate Consultant and Admin Apprentice on the horizon, we will have more than doubled our head count in little over a year.

2016 looks to be another business defining year for Economit, and with Managing Directors Nick and Mike as the driving force, we are all very excited to be a part of it.

NG & MD 3



Being an Office Manager is a bit like being a parent, each day throws up new challenges and you either learn quickly, on the go, or you’ll end your day sitting in a corner, hugging your phone.

One day I can be updating our social media, creating a tender evaluation or typing up notes and the next day I might be chasing feedback on a technical enquiry, liaising with builders & electricians with my Project Manager hat on, or learning to be an apprentice coder (yesterday’s job!)

With days in the office currently accompanied by the sound of banging, drilling and sawing, we have really had to make the most of the fully cloud based, remote capabilities Economit have in place. We can literally work from anywhere, access anything and through the use of Skype for Business, we can ‘meet’ and collaborate online. We have various project management tools at our disposal providing us with the ability to track the progress of tasks, record our time and share documents with colleagues & clients, and as this is all in the cloud too, we can do it all from our mobile phones if needed. Our cloud based accounting software enables real time financials to be on hand whenever we need them, we know as soon as an invoiced has been read. We have tools that encourage accountability and we understand that communication in any business is everything.

Every Friday, team members create a ’4 box chart’ which is discussed in detail in our early Monday morning meeting, with the idea that this creates visibility and aids transparency. More often than not, our consultants are on the road travelling to site. The use of our VoIP phone system enables mobility, we can create a conference call, and with our team spread across the midlands, it’s as good as any face-to-face meeting. In a business where everyone is stretched, such capabilities are invaluable.

It is things such as this that enable me to do my job to the best of my ability and not finish the day phone-hugging, never will you hear me say ‘I’ll find out when I get back to the office’ or ‘I’ll just go and dig it out of the file’, with information at our fingertips and a great team, being an Office Manager is officially easier than being a parent. Now, where can I find a cloud based behaviour chart?

Justin Weir

Justin Weir

One of the key deliverables of my role with Economit has been securing ISO 9001 certification. Having begun our ISO journey by reviewing the key stages of our core service activities: Outsourced IT Director, Project Management and Independent IT Assessments, we created a set of processes and actions that were standardised, customer focused and we all agreed represented what we did. We delivered these through our Quality Management System by working closely with our quality consultant to develop the standard documentation and our system was born.

I was naturally concerned as we approached our final audit as my first experience of Quality had been paper based, stressful and time consuming in a manufacturing environment almost 20 years ago.

In retrospect, we have practised what we preach to deliver ISO 9001. The right IT infrastructure allowed us to best manage and store our relevant documents. The workflow between our systems through accounting, sales, time management, project management and delivery of our services through our systems has ensured that we have the necessary glue to create great work flow and ultimately focus on client delivery as opposed to process management. Everything data wise for ISO 9001 is managed online, stored safely and easily auditable.

With no non-conformance at the final stage audit, just over 12 months since we implemented our Quality Management System I am proud to say we are accredited. We have developed, learnt, refined and evolved throughout that time our process and client experience, but now have the ideal platform to continue delivering a consistent and great customer experience.

Bring on ISO 27001.

236-ISO-Certificate-Logo-BW-EMB-Cert-Num-UKAS-White (2)



Cyber Essentials is a UK government scheme encouraging organisations to adopt good practice in information security.

One of the primary objectives of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy is to make the UK a safer place to conduct business online.

Why we Love Business…

Love Business


Many companies now seem to embrace the idea of Networking as an essential activity that involves more than just company money. It’s the personal commitment that is key to making it a success. It is reported that Networked businesses tend to be open and supportive, and we couldn’t agree more.

You can probably tell by the picture that we were all primed and ready to ‘schmooze’. This was helped by the fact that we were extremely proud of our stand, we’d created something we hoped would be welcoming, that people would want to visit, stay at and enjoy a coffee at. Seeing the constant buzz of conversation around our stand was a real highlight, as people introduced themselves and talked about their businesses.

For us, talking to people face to face is key to what we do, because ‘what we do’ is so different from other companies in the IT industry. Explaining this difference is our favourite pastime.

Economit operate a zero commission policy meaning that we do not accept financial incentives from any supplier of IT products or IT services. To our clients, this means that everything relating to our consultancy services can be 100% trusted to be completely independent and impartial.

This policy is our jewel in the crown as it sets us aside from all other IT service providers and independent IT consultants operating in the market.

Translating this is rewarding. As we often say, if people understand what it is we do, they will want to be a part of it. This is why networking is crucial to us and why we enjoyed Love Business so much.

Informative, personal and professional is how we would describe the event, something we also represent at Economit. Everything we do is for our client’s best interests.

If you missed us at the event we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page.


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