Resource Structuring

The Benefits of a Virtual DPO

By Sam Wainwright

Why do you need a DPO? Under Article 37 of GDPR, if you’re a public authority, or are involved in the processing/collection/storage of personal data of EU citizens e.g. race, ethnicity, religion, address, etc. then it is now mandatory that you get a DPO. DPO’s (Data Protection Officers) are usually be appointed for every public […]

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What Is Digital Transformation And How Can Your Business Do It Successfully?

By Mike Donoghue

What is digital transformation? Digital transformation – to put it simply – occurs when you implement technological changes to your business, operations and workforce with the intention of making the process more efficient, effective, data driven and agile. This can vary from trying something new to modifying/re-imagining existing business processes, culture and customer experiences. You […]

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Does your A team know your plan A?

By Mike Donoghue

A business cannot function effectively without staff buying in to its technology strategy. A cultural understanding and knowledge of how individuals should utilise a company’s chosen tech tools for optimum performance is key. Whether inputting data, writing word documents, creating applications or supporting the infrastructure; technology should work to increase individual performance as well as […]

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