Fractional CIO Services in Midlands and London

Ensuring that businesses IT strategies align with long-term aspirations and objectives.

The crucial role of governing IT and information security doesn’t necessarily have to be undertaken by an in-house Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Director. Economit is aware of the time, money and hassle it takes to employ somebody to take on that role, therefore we can act in the same way as a full-time employee but as an outsourced, external entity.

What is the role of a Fractional CIO?

A Chief Information Officer’s role is to assume overall responsibility of digital information, along with supporting processes. They take control of the business’s IT direction, delivery and strategy and identify any risks or performance issues that could be prohibiting business growth.

Our position allows us to provide you with an expert, independent perspective on your IT leadership, strategy and direction with the aim of delivering the utmost value to your business.

Our Fractional CIO services

The benefits you receive from employing an internal CIO can be heightened by externally hiring one of our Fractional CIOs. We have all the expertise of a specialist who works in the industry full time and some, but for less cost and hassle that for an employee.

Our recommendations to a business could include the restructure of an internal team where we have the skills to not only challenge but support the personnel in place. At Economit, we can review your IT department as part of our Resource Structuring service to ensure your business has resource which is fit for purpose, now and for the future.

We will independently advise on:

  • Skill level and competency
  • Motivation, morale and personal development opportunities
  • Department structure, efficiency and overall team effectiveness
  • Talent acquisition and succession planning

Our in-house technical resource can further support:

  • Job brief specification and advert writing
  • Talent acquisition, recruitment and resourcing
  • Advert and campaign management
  • Support technical interviews
  • Independent candidate management

Our consultants can take a step back from your business and bring in our expertise gained from working with different clients in various industries and assess possible changes and produce recommendations which will result in quantifiable improvements.

Fractional CIO

Save time and money by outsourcing the management of your information security to our experienced consultants.
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