I want to figure out why I’m so busy, but I can’t find the time!


I want to figure out why I’m so busy, but I can’t find the time!

Before I started my first week working for Economit I read Charlotte’s ‘first month’ blog, similar to this one actually, in the hope of gaining some insight from another relative newbie. She mentioned how busy she’d been in her first six weeks. I laughed as I read it, ‘no-one is busy in their first month or two of a new job’, I thought. How I was wrong! In fact, I’m sat writing this blog on a Sunday evening because I know that there won’t be time on Monday!

My role as Consultant at Economit sees me take about 25% of my previous role and truly apply myself to it, I now have the time to look at every aspect and risk in a project and plan around them. I used to wonder if I’d miss the hands on installation, I wasn’t expecting to get the same level of satisfaction purely from consultation… but it’s surpassed it!

My first solo project is now fully underway, a telephony migration from a 20 year old system to a bang up to date hosted VoIP solution. What a great first project to be involved in!

So now I’m one month in, I’m leading two projects and assisting several others. I’m told this is a slow introduction to the world of Economit, I think my next blog post may be written on a Sunday too.

If you want to say hi or have a question for me or one of the team you can get in touch at hello@economit.co.uk

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