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Virtual DPO, Virtual CIO, and ISO 27001 in Leicester – Economit

Economit offers impartial and independent consultancy in the Leicester area, by providing businesses with Virtual DPO, Virtual CIO and ISO 27001 consultancy services at a reasonable cost, with the aim of maximising return on technology investment. We start by assessing your current position to enable us to recommend how you could improve your IT and information governance.

Virtual DPO in Leicester

With the onset of GDPR, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) may need to be assigned if your Leicestershire business processes Special Category Data. This role could cost a business more time and money to implement the changes needed to uphold the GDPR however. Economit can take on this role on your behalf. Instead of assigning a member of staff from an in-house role which can take extensive time, money and internal changes, we offer the service of becoming your Virtual DPO on an on tap basis.

One of our experienced Virtual DPO consultants can impartially audit your current data management processes and independently advise on the steps that need to be taken to make sure your business complies with all UK data protection regulations. We will continually monitor your policies and procedures to fall in line with GDPR to ensure that you aren’t charged with heavy fines which could put your company’s future at risk.

Virtual CIO in Leicester

The role of a Chief Information Officer takes charge of a business’ strategies and tactics in processing and managing information technology and data. Similar to a DPO, a business may not want to commit to assigning a full time CIO for the company due to time and cost.

Instead, Economit is a trusted, proven and truly independent provider of Virtual CIO services in Leicester, giving you peace-of-mind that a qualified IT professional is looking after your business interests without putting it under financial strain. We take a step back and assess your company’s current techniques for managing information technology delivery and impartially recommend the appropriate actions to put in place to ensure it’s as efficient and as beneficial as possible.

ISO 27001 Consultant in Leicester

At a time where major changes surrounding data management are happening, consumers now expect to have more control over their data, who it is held by and what it is used for. ISO 27001 is a certified standard that promotes the responsible management of information by highlighting any possible risks and threats.

It is important for businesses to understand the cautiousness and doubts of consumers when it comes to giving their information away, and to reassure them that the businesses who have their data, are taking it extremely seriously. Our certified ISO 27001 consultants in Leicester can undertake an initial assessment of your current position surrounding data management and provide a free consultation session of up to 2 hours to determine what is needed to attain the ISO 27001 standard. We will then provide an implementation plan to guide you through the process being awarded the standard and benefitting from the changes.

If you have a business based in the Leicester area and think you would like more information about our consultations and services, contact us and we will be in touch shortly to see how we can help you with IT and information governance and data management strategy.

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