Expert Witness Services in the Midlands – Economit

Expert Witness Services

Economit delivers a professional expert IT witness service – whether you are a legal firm looking to engage with a guaranteed independent and impartial consultant to undertake a case on behalf of a client or if you are a client looking to determine the feasibility of escalating a grievance to a legal matter, be assured that Economit will always undertake a thorough, investigative and forensic approach in all cases. 

The following are examples of case scenarios that Economit can assist with: 

  • Employment tribunal relating to existing IT staff
  • Third party IT service provider disputes (websites, external support, external development, misrepresentation)
  • Data theft and data loss
  • IT procedural & policy based matters
  • Assessing the business impact of a technology-related grievance

Our services cover all aspects of an expert IT witness programme from an initial free consultation through to an investigation and analysis phase culminating in the production of a professional report detailing findings and our independent conclusions. Finally, the consultant who handles each case will also take the stand in court to legally declare and substantiate the report in front of a jury if required.

Please contact Economit here or call us on 01332 447447 to find out more about our expert IT witness service and how we may assist you further.