Our latest addition…


Our latest addition…

So I am now in the 6th week of my new job at Economit and only now do I have time feel ready to blog about my new appointment.

I was taken on at the beginning of February as Economit’s Office Manager, a role that we hadn’t previously held before. The idea being that an Office Manager would hopefully transcend the limits and bring some organisation to a very busy office.

My second day on the job involved me ‘reviewing tender responses’, something I hadn’t previously done. This involved comparing pages and pages or what seemed like nonsensical information. As complex and dauting as it seemed at first, on completion I had learned so much, I now knew what Scoping, Capex and CRM meant! As I had previously mentioned in my interview, I have a need to understand everything. I had learned some terminology, but what about the technical side of things?

I thought I was a proficient IT user but until I started my working at Economit I had never worked in an environment where technology was so efficient and streamlined, never mind an office with no paper. Literally none. As Mike informed me, how can we advise companies on their IT usage if ours isn’t the absolute best it can be?

I have learned so much in my first 6 weeks at Economit and I’m really looking forward to learning a lot more over the coming months.

If you want to say hi or have a question for me or one of the team you can get in touch at hello@economit.co.uk

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