Working together

To give you impartial and independent CIO leadership

Virtual CIO in Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham

It’s vital to have somebody to ensure that the IT strategy of any organisation aligns with its aspirations and objectives in order to be both successful and bring value. The crucial role of governing IT and information security, doesn’t necessarily have to be undertaken by an in-house Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Director.

Economit are aware of the time, money and hassle it takes to employ somebody to take on the role of a Chief Information Officer in-house, therefore we can act in the same way as a full-time employee, but as an external outsourced entity. We provide independent and impartial IT leadership, IT strategy and IT Direction with the aim of delivering utmost value to your business or organisation.

What is the role of a Chief Information Officer?

A Chief Information Officer’s role is to assume overall responsibility for digital information along with supporting processes. They take control of the business’ IT direction, delivery and strategy and identify any risks or performance issues that could be prohibiting business growth.

The Benefits of an Economit Virtual CIO to your business

The general benefits of having a CIO within your business can be heightened by externally hiring one of our experienced Virtual CIOs:

  • We have all of the expertise of a specialist who works in the industry full time, but for less cost and hassle to your business
  • A truly independent and impartial expert who is part of your team and works to benefit you
  • Considerable cost and time saving compared to employing a CIO in-house
  • Peace-of-mind in the knowledge that somebody is looking after your interests and making sure you’re ahead of the competition

Our expert consultants will take a step back from your business and assess all possible changes and produce recommendations which will result in quantifiable improvements.

If you are a business in Nottingham, Derby, or Birmingham who wants to benefit from a Virtual CIO to ensure that your IT systems are supporting and encouraging the success of your business, contact us for more information on how we can work with you.