Working together

To give you impartial and independent CIO leadership

Do you want an experienced IT Director for your company without the hassle and cost of a full-time employee?

IT Director

All businesses these days need somebody to be up-to-date with the new opportunities offered by technology. But a full-time IT Director is beyond the means of all but the largest businesses. That’s where our Fractional IT Director service can help.

We act as your IT Director as much as you need us. We’ll attend businesses meetings of your choice and act in your interests in the same way as a full-time employee.

To discuss adding an Economit IT Director to your business, get in touch.

Benefits and advantages

  • All the expertise of a specialist who works in the IT industry full-time
  • A truly independent and impartial expert who’s part of your team
  • Considerable cost-saving over an in-house employee
  • None of the admin associated with employment
  • The peace-of-mind that somebody is looking after your interests and making sure the competition don’t leave you behind

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Interim IT Director / Interim CIO

An IT Director is a key linchpin in any type of business or organisation. When an IT Director leaves, it can create a void that has the potential for significant negative impact to the business and filling their shoes in a short period of time can be an incredibly tall order.

Economit can provide an “on-tap” interim IT Director with proven skills and experience across multiple sectors to bridge the gap between an outgoing IT Director and an incoming IT Director. Using our technology personnel resourcing services (link to resourcing page here), we can also immediately commence the recruitment process on your behalf to find the most suitable candidate to fill the position whilst ensuring that a complete managed knowledge transfer process takes place between the interim IT Director and any newly appointed incoming IT Director.

Our interim IT Directors are particularly skilled and experienced in the following sectors / business areas: 

  • Financial services
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Outsourcing, contact centre and data processing
  • Bio chemistry
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Accounting

The benefit of using Economit’s interim IT Director services are: 

  • Multiple qualified and experienced IT Director level personnel “on-tap”
  • Case studies and references available
  • Proven track records across multiple sectors and operational environments
  • A guaranteed independent and impartial ethos and approach

Please contact Economit or call us on 01332 447447 to find out more about our interim IT Director / interim CIO service and how we may assist you further.