Additional ISO 27001 Services in the Midlands – Economit

Along with offering individually tailored ISO 27001 services, we can provide you with fixed price services such as gap analysis, internal audit and training to help you in getting closer to achieving the accreditation.

Gap Analysis

We can complete a gap analysis to assess your current processes to identify how in line you are with ISO 27001 standards. Even though it can’t tell you which changes need to be implemented, it can inform you on where there are inconsistencies in your practices.

Internal Audit

Have an auditor on your side supporting you through the process of complying to the standard. For organisations, it can be easy to assume that the process can take a long time to achieve, be overly expensive and take a lot of resources. At Economit, we strive to make it a simple process for you and ensure you receive a considerable return on your investment.


At Economit, we can take your employees through expert training in understanding how to comply to ISO 27001 and why complying to the standard can have significant benefits to your organisation.

If you would like more information on our additional ISO 27001 services, contact us.