Fast Tracking ISO 27001 in the Midlands – Economit

An ISO 27001 certification is aimed at bringing information security under strict and coherent management control. It can give businesses the competitive edge, improve business structure and fulfill legal responsibilities.

Fast-tracking your way to gaining ISO 27001 accreditation can seem very enticing for businesses, especially if time is short and they want a quick fix. At Economit, we believe that time needs to be invested and officially set aside for ISO 27001 certification, instead of trying to speed up the process and get there quicker. There can be many negative implications of receiving consultancy to fast track your way there:

  • Adopting ‘boilerplate’ style policies which aren’t tailored to your business
  • The rapid adoption of changes required for ISO 27001, can lead to a ‘culture shock’ and disruption to your business
  • Untailored policies and rapid changes make it harder for your business to make the culture changes necessary to support the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of ISO 27001

With all of these issues which could arise from fast-tracking your way to ISO 27001, there are some major benefits to undertaking the accreditation via the official route including:

  • Truly bespoke and tailored policies put in place that accommodates your existing good practices and accounts for how you like to do business
  • Gradual adoption of changes to support ISO 27001, allowing you to make the culture changes required for ISO 27001 in a controlled manner
  • Easier maintenance of the ISO 27001 standard post certification ready for the ongoing auditing and recertification process

If you are a business within Nottingham, Derby, Leicester or Birmingham who wants to add more value and integrity to your business, contact us for more information on how we could assist you in becoming ISO 27001 certified.