Virtual Data Protection Officer Services in the Midlands – Economit

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has placed stricter governance rules around data protection; which are essentially more complex and time-consuming to comply with.

In certain cases, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is now a mandatory appointment for undertaking large-scale processing; or processing of ‘special category’ personally identifiable information / data (PII). Most organisations are unable to fulfil this role primarily because of a lack of qualified staff or an internal conflict of interest such as in that a CEO cannot be a data protection officer for their own company for example.

We understand the burden of setting aside precious time and resource to comply with the many requirements of GDPR. We can assign to you an expert independent consultant to become your Virtual DPO, working closely with your business to independently monitor and advise on your data management practices in a way that won’t disrupt your normal operation or business as usual.

GDPR ensures:

  • Data subjects have greater rights to access and control the information that companies process about them
  • Organisations must have better regimes for the management of personally identifiable information
  • That a DPO is appointed in all organisations to monitor compliance, whether virtual or internal
  • Harsher fines can be introduced for non-compliance

As your Virtual DPO, we will manage your compliance with the GDPR by addressing the following issues:

  • Creating visibility of what personal data is processed where it is stored
  • Securing access to your data, ensuring that only available on a lease privilege/ need to know basis
  • Identifying and managing risk by assisting with process flows and the creation of DPIA’s (data protection impact assessments)
  • Introducing data retention and archival policies and techniques to assist with compliance and efficiency
  • Undertaking vitally important staff awareness training
  • Advising the organisation so that documentation and processing activities are GDPR compliant


  • A guaranteed highly qualified independent & impartial operative
  • Concise risk management
  • A GDPR expert
  • Strategically and deliverable focused
  • Technically data aware
  • Honest and Ethical


  • Return on investment
  • Cost-effective
  • Ensures the law is being followed
  • Protects against fines
  • Confidentiality and integrity assured at all times
  • Reinforces ethical and trustworthy practices

If you are a business based in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester or Birmingham, contact us for more information on our Virtual DPO service (DPO as a service) and to request further information on how we can become your Virtual DPO.