Information security & Data protection

Guard the information and data which is valuable and critical to your business’ performance and success.
All businesses hold data, where the majority is both valuable and critical to their performance, however, a full understanding of their data estate is rare, especially as the rate of data growth is considerable. If data growth is poorly maintained, it can lead to the business becoming vulnerable and inefficient.
Our job is to ensure our clients are managing their data estates adequately by addressing various issues including:

Clarifying what and where data is held

To ensure that it’s being securely stored and to help prevent the risk of a data breach

Simplifying access to data

Ensuring that your data is only available to those who require access

Removing and archiving unnecessary data

Reducing costs and clutter to make it easier to clarify what data is being stored

Introducing data retention and archival policies

To assist with complying to regulations and maintaining efficiencies

The analysis and recommendations we provide will allow you to regain control of your data and help it to work in your favour. If you’re looking to gain compliance for standards such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials, we can guide you through that.

We’re proud of our impartial, independent offering which means we can execute our duties with our client’s best interests at the forefront. It’s why they trust us.

Working across the country, but specifically in locations along the M1 including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham and London, we’ve helped companies through our consultancy services to implement the security changes their business needs.

If you’re a business looking to implement some considerable changes to the information and data side of your business, please contact us or
call 01332 447 447.

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