IT assessments & Audits

Ensuring that you’re demonstrating to your customers that your IT is secure, efficient and giving your business the edge over others.
Economit’s IT assessments are not just about the technology, we understand the people, processes and aspirations behind the business to ensure everything is working in conjunction with each other. Building a greater picture of how the business is run gives us everything we need to provide you with a comprehensive IT strategy.

As part of our assessment, we will assess and make impartial recommendations on:

IT Infrastructure

To make sure everything is working in partnership with each other and is abiding by accreditation and standards.

Hardware & Software

Analysing that you’re using the right tools for your business objectives and recommending any adjustments to improve performance.


Ensuring that your business is running ethically and following all guidelines to safeguard your business from breaking legislation.

Landline & Mobile Communications

Providing your business with a clear, impartial understanding of where communication enhancements can be made for maximum effectiveness and at a reasonable price.

IT Support Providers & Resource

Reassuring you that you’re working with providers and resources which complement the services you’re providing your customers.

IT Security

Recommending any products, services or changes which will help to ensure that you’re IT infrastructure is safe, secure and benefiting your business.

IT Procurement

Reviewing and assessing your business’s procurement system to identify it’s strengths and weaknesses and to give you an understanding of what needs to be done to make it stronger.

Expert Witness Services

Economit provides a professional IT expert witness service – whether you’re a legal firm who requires an impartial consultant to take on a case for a client or you’re a client looking to determine the feasibility of escalating a grievance to a legal matter, be assured that Economit will always undertake a thorough, investigative and forensic approach in all cases.

We can assist with the following case scenarios:

    • Employment tribunal relating to existing IT staff
    • Third-party IT service provider disputes
    • Data theft and data loss
    • IT procedural and policy-based matters
    • Assessing the business impact of a technology-related grievance

Our services cover all aspects of an IT witness programme from an initial free consultation through to an investigation and analysis phase culminating in the production of a professional report detailing findings and our independent conclusions. One of our consultants will also take to the stand in court to legally declare and substantiate the report in front of a jury if required.

As independent assessors and auditors not only are we able to undertake thorough audits of various elements of your business, but we’ll carry out structured interviews with everyone necessary within the company.

We’re proud of our impartial, independent offering which means we can execute our duties with our client’s best interests at the forefront. It’s why they trust us.

Working across the country, but specifically in locations along the M1 including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham and London, we’ve helped companies through our consultancy services to implement the IT changes their business needs.

If you’re a business looking to undertake some IT assessments an audits and would like some independent consultancy to help, please contact us or
call 01332 447 447.

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