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Economit’s mission is clear: to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives through maximising the return on investment from their IT expenditure.

Our independence – and why it matters to you

Independence is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of our offering and allows us to execute our duties for our clients with their best interests at the fore every time.

Who We Are

Economit was co-founded in 2011 by IT professionals, Mike Donoghue and Nick Gall as an independent IT consultancy firm focused on delivering a range of services to clients that quantifiably reduce IT operational costs.

How We Work

Our typical process follows four stages of IT assessment, IT strategy, project management and an ongoing service as your fractional IT Director.

How Economit is Different

Economit is different from most other IT partners. Our independence allows us to cut costs that others can’t.

Every business wants to use technology to “do more with less” to get a return on what is an expensive capital investment.
 But the range of technology choices available for businesses to adopt is overwhelming and making the wrong decisions can be costly.

That’s where Economit is different. Unlike most suppliers, we are not tied to any products and services and receive no commission for anything we recommend. We help you choose the best solution from the open market, not the best solution from our own portfolio.

And because we don’t offer IT support, onsite engineering or product delivery, our advice is genuinely independent, not the kind of advice offered by many providers to upsell you their other services.

A new kind of IT company

The role of the information technology professional is changing from one that is simply focused on the nuts and bolts of how IT works to one that is business goal driven and motivated.

Economit was established with this change firmly at the core of our ethos.

We help businesses to make decisions on the correct employment of technology, whether hardware, software, infrastructure or cloud computing.

We view our role as being a trusted professional adviser – more like solicitor or accountant – rather than a service provider. By being independent from any products and services, we can offer best advice in the same way as other professionals who have your interests at heart.

We view our relationships with our clients as a long term partnership and we strive to ensure the delivery of independent IT consultancy and unparalleled customer service.

Get in touch with Economit now to start getting a completely independent view of your IT needs.

Questions and Answers

Answers to the questions we’re most commonly asked are provided here. if you don’t find what you need, please get in touch.